Simi K.

Greg came out to meet me and we went over what would be done. I did mention that I had a problem area and maybe the wood would need to be replaced. He said once the roof would be stripped and he would share his finding and all repairs would be made to code. His price was competitive and expected results would be to what I expect.

I couldn’t be happier with the result. We had it done in summer and we are coming close to a year. Yes, I waited on my review only because I wanted to see how the roof would withhold the rain. With climate change, my roof has held up superb. Me and my neighbor are two happy customers.
One advantage of having an excellent roof Is I’m always a high candidate for solar panels. Every solar salesperson who walks the street says your roof quality makes us good candidates. I can smile and yes, I know.

Thank you, Tri-City your quality work shows from miles away.  I highly recommend Tri-City roofing. I’ve done the homework you can now enjoy my result.