Jim B.

I checked out a lot of roofers and got 6 estimates before proceeding. I know six estimates seem like overkill but I found with each estimate I got I learned more about the process. I had it narrowed down to two excellent companies. Tri-city and Century! Both of these companies would have been excellent choices. The reason I went with TRI CITY may not have been your choice but because of my circumstances I really didn’t need to last 50 years and since my main income is Social Security I needed to keep the price a low as possible with fewer compromises! If your in need of a near-perfect roof with no compromises Tony Diaz at Century Hayward Ca, can do that at a very fair price! With a few compromises like I got, contact Oscar at TRI City in Fremont Ca. Either of these companies will get you where you need to be in style and price!