Thorough evaluation of the roof is a big part of buying or selling a home.  Tri-City Roofing provides inspection services, creating an easy to read report for use during a real estate transaction.  Roof inspections are also a helpful tool for property managers, documenting the condition of a roof to support maintenance or repairs needed.  If there are no active leaks, there is no need to disturb occupants as our assessment is exterior only. This prevents inconvenience to tenants or sellers.  Our skilled inspectors can complete a roof assessment within 2 – 4 business days of receiving a request. Place your order (here) and our staff will acknowledge your request the next business day or before.


Tri-City Roofing encourages preventative measures.  Our highly skilled technicians can help you maintain your tile, composition shingle, wood shake, tar and gravel, or flat roof properly.  It’s much more cost effective to care for the roof you have. Being informed about what maintenance your specific roofing material may require to prolong its serviceable life is the first step. 

Our experienced team can provide you with a free assessment, making recommendations for periodic service and repairs. Our office will provide you with a written proposal outlining the scope of work and with your approval, coordinate completion.  Maintenance is much more manageable than an unexpected expense caused by roof neglect.


Repairs are never fun, however Tri-City Roofing can help make them less stressful.  When your roof is not performing properly resulting in a leak, it requires immediate attention.  Don’t hesitate to call! Regrettably, some homeowners delay maintenance or repairs, which compound the issue and add to the expense. 

Tri-City Roofing has a team of skilled professionals ready to assist with your tile, composition shingle, wood shake, or flat roofing system. If you miss our staff in the office, we have a service to answer your call regardless of the time of day or day of the week, so we can return your call and dispatch a team at our earliest opportunity.  Our primary concern will always be to offer you a solution to minimize additional damage. And because leaks take priority, with your authorization we will work quickly to help protect your home. 


Tri-City Roofing is experienced in the installation of a variety of frequently used roofing materials: dimensional composition shingles, standard weight tile, wood shake, and two ply torched down roofing systems.  We specialize in dimensional composition shingles (and prefer them for ease of roof maintenance). Our staff can share the benefits and disadvantages of different roofing materials and explain what is appropriate for your specific roofing needs.  Because dimensional composition shingles are our specialty, we have over 25 years of experience to share.

Tri-City Roofing is unique because we reroof all year long, weather permitting, unlike some companies that are seasonal installers. We also start and finish your job without leaving the job incomplete for days (or weeks) between roof removal and installation.  Most projects can be completed within 2 – 4 days, which is less disruptive for you and your family. Our skilled staff will take care of all aspects of your roofing project: assisting you with shingle selection, performing roof related wood repair, and coordinating gutter installation.