Roof Repair

roof repairThere are many aspects to roof repairs as there are many types of roofs. Often times the most difficult part of assessing a roof repair is simply properly sourcing the area in question. Regardless of roof type all homes have pipes, vents, gutters and flashings installed and often times they can be the source of a problem.

  • Composition shingle roofs can have cracks, broken shingles, missing shingles, nails popping, premature aging due to poor ventilation, or old patches that need to be readdressed.
  • Tile Roofs require ongoing maintenance to keep the roof in healthy condition. Most tiles are placed on roofs like a puzzle and require tile removal to assess and or address the actual repair. Tiles can shift out of place due to the home settling and overall gravity causing sliding and broken tiles. Light weight concrete tiles present another set of problems as they are extremely fragile and only a skilled roofing technician should walk/examine this type of roof. It is common when a two story home with light weight concrete tile is painted, the painters walk on the roof and can cause accidentally breakage and consequently create potential leaks.
  • Metal Roofs- Can dent easily if walked on improperly damaging the aesthetics of the roof while not necessarily hurting the integrity of the roof.